Packing for a Weekend Car Trip

So we are headed out of town for the weekend (hip! hip! hurray!). We have gotten pretty good at packing for a trip and dealing with a car trip. Here are some quick tips:

Check the car seat – Before heading out of town, it is always a good idea to check out the car seat. Is it still the appropriate seat for your child? Is it installed properly? Does it need to be readjusted in anyway?

Pack a ‘traveling’ bottle of expressed breast milk or formula – I always have a bottle with me just in case Becca gets hungry at an inopportune time. This way, we can keep on driving as she is eating.

Bring Snacks and Toys– It is helpful to have snacks and toys to keep the baby occupied during the trip.

Have an adult sit in the back – If possible, have an adult (or older child) sit in the back with the baby. This helps to entertain them and extend the time they are willing to spend in the car.

Leave after Feeding and Before a Nap – If possible, try to travel during prime napping time.  This way, your child will be asleep for at least a portion of this trip.  I find that it helps to feed Becca right before the trip.  Usually, she will play for a little while, sleep for a little while, wake-up and play again.

M. Kate


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