Progress with Solids

We are slowly making progress with the solids. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Becca was refusing anything on a spoon and wouldn’t swallow the finger food I offered her.

Since that post, I have tried a few things that seem to work. Here is what I offered her:

  • a variety of different foods and tried not to stress out about the amount she was eating.
  • pieces of mushy food (a ripe banana, well cooked potatoes, avocado)
  • Stage 3 foods (this is a combination of pureed and chunky foods)
  • finger foods (small pieces of fresh chicken, cut-up grapes, pieces of string cheese)


The mushy banana was the biggest hit. She really loved the taste so she would eat quite a bit of it. After two days of eating mostly banana (and breast-milk of course), I noticed that she began eating the finger foods as well. She still isn’t a fan of the Stage 3 foods or the yoghurt (basically anything on a spoon) but she is now swallowing the pieces of chicken, fruit and cheese that I give her.

M. Kate


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