My Daughter was Swallowed by her Stroller!!

You read it write– my daughter was swallowed by her stroller! Fortunately she is okay but she definitely gave me a scare!


It started out as a pretty typical morning- in fact, it was a better than average day. I was getting Becca ready to go to the park with her abuelita (grandma). While we were waiting for her abuelita, we hung out on the stoop for a little while, we took a walk out to check out the grass in our backyard and I was just really enjoying spending time with my daughter. I remember being fascinated by her fascination of all of the typical summer sounds (birds chirping, a distant lawn mover, a passing car).



Then Becca’s abuelita asked me to show her how to open the stroller so I did. I then strapped Becca in and her abuelita ran into the house to get something. I pulled the stroller towards me using the snack tray and all of a sudden, it just snapped closed!!!
It felt like one of those Discovery shows where an alligator surfaces to snatch its prey!



One second, I am looking at my baby giving me a gummy grin and the next second, I am looking at the back of the folded-up stroller. I quickly unfolded the stroller, as she was screaming, and managed to get her unbuckled. I was relieved to see that she seemed to be okay. She does have a bruise above her left eye but she didn’t have any blood and didn’t have any other signs of trauma.

Once I assessed that she seemed okay, I then ‘re-enacted’ the situation to see what exactly happened. From what I could see, her head didn’t hit the driveway (thank god!!!). Instead, it looked as if she was probably hit by the snack tray and that the actual bulkiness of the stroller kept her away from the driveway (thank god!!!).

I called the DR and they seemed pretty unconcerned— she hadn’t lost consciousness, she cried right away, she then calmed down but seemed her normal self. They just advised me to watch her for the next 48-72 hours.

I also called the company to report the incident just in case it is some sort of defect. It is a Combi- Spoleto LX stroller— I have been very satisfied with the stroller until now! In fact, I was planning on giving it a positive product review. I think I will put that review on hold.

I think the scariest part about the whole incident (especially since she seems fine) is how quickly my life switched from enjoying a summer day with my little girl to assessing her for signs of trauma.

I am so thankful that she is okay…

M. Kate


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