The Trend for Two Languages

Apparently I am not the only one who is consciously raising a bilingual child in the United States today. Instead, I am one of many parents who have seen the benefit of their child speaking two languages fluently. According to this article in the Star Gazette News, more and more parents are interested in their children becoming exposed to another language (particularly Spanish).

I definitely see the practical reasons for a child to know two languages (Top Ten Reasons to Speak Spanish) but I also have personal reasons for my daughter to speak English and Spanish. I want her to be able to understand and experience all aspects of her Mexican and Irish-American background. I want her to be able to communicate with her abuelita (grandmother), tías y tíos (aunts and uncles) and primos (cousins) who only speak Spanish. I want her to have pride in her heritage and raising her bilingual will help to instill that in her.

These are just a few of the personal reasons I want my daughter to speak Spanish and English. What are the reasons you would like your child to speak more than one language? Please leave a comment and share your reasons with me.

M. Kate



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