Becca is a Chipmunk!!

Becca is transitioning from eating pureed baby food to eating ‘chunky’ foods and finger foods. She has begun to show little interest in cereal or in the pureed foods. Her mouth closes like a trap, she starts shaking her head back and forth and strategically places her hands in front of her mouth. Fortunately, she seems to enjoy picking food up in her hands and will ‘play’ at eating. So I decided to move her into the finger foods.

The problem is that she will not swallow the food!!! She will put the dried apples, pieces of melon, ground turkey or chunks of cheese in her mouth. She will smile widely and chew away. But she will not swallow!!! She just keeps chewing and chewing and chewing.

This has been going on for a few days now and it’s making me a little crazy. I tried some of the Stage 3 foods (they are pureed with chunkier pieces) thinking that maybe she skipped a vital step in learning to eat solids. But she shows little interest in this food and starts shaking her head and batting with her hands after the first spoon or two.
My mother-in-law’s solution is to focus on the ‘sweet’ foods (fruit, yoghurt) and avoid the other foods (protein, vegetables).I also worry that she will become one of those toddlers who only eats ‘white foods’ or ‘crunchy foods’. I have visions of Becca sustaining herself on Hershey’s chocolate bars and Wonder Bread.
As a result, I continue to offer her protein, vegetables and fruit at her meals. She definitely eats more of the fruit than the protein or vegetable but she is getting a little of all of them. I am trying not to focus too much on the amount that she eats. Instead, I am trying to be happy that she is eating and starting to swallow. Fortunately, she is a healthy weight and still shows interest in nursing.

M. Kate



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3 responses to “Becca is a Chipmunk!!

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  2. Nora

    Just wanted to say hi from Becca’s Mom to another Becca’s Mom. My daughter, Becca is now 5 months. Her name is Becca, just Becca, not Rebecca. I fear I have cursed her with this because she is going to have to constantly say, “No, it’s just Becca.” Is your daughter Rebecca or just Becca?


  3. mkate


    Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I love the name, Becca šŸ™‚ My Becca’s name is short for Rebecca. However, I have already seen that people (including Omar) will quickly shorten her name to Becky (which I would prefer they didn’t).

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