Raising A Bilingual Child

So one of my goals is to raise a bilingual child. I would like Becca to fluently read and write English and Spanish.

My primary language is English and I now speak rudimentary Spanish. My husband’s primary language is Spanish and then English. My Mother-in-law lives with us and primarily speaks Spanish.

The plan is for my mother-in-law to speak to her primarily in Spanish and I will speak to her primarily in English.  Mr. O will speak with her in English and Spanish.

From what I have read, Becca will associate the different languages with the different people.  If someone speaks to her in Spanish, (¿cómo es usted?) she will think, “oh, they use my grandmother’s words.”  If they should speak to her in English (how are you?), she will think, “oh, they use my mother’s words.”

So far, Becca is only vocalizing (‘ba, ba, da, da’) so we have no idea if this is working or not but I will definitely keep you updated.  I am also interested in hearing others experiences with raising bilingual children.

M. Kate


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  1. The earlier you start the better. Even if your child just stares at you and is not able to respond yet, they are taking in everything you say and how you say it. Sadly I am just starting with my Toddler and I’m the one in the family that comes from a Spanish speaking family. I also wrote an ebook about it. But whatever you do, don’t give up and keep going. She will appreciate it when she is older. My good friend was not taught Spanish and both her parents spoke Spanish and she lamented one day how shameful it was to be of Hispanic descent but her parents choose not to teach her Spanish. Either way, you have a great tool yourself, you already know Spanish, so it’ll be more natural for your little one as she picks the language up. Good luck and please keep me posted on your progress. I can send you a feel useful pages from my ebook if you want. Most other programs are designed for slightly older toddlers, mine was written with infants and younger toddlers in mind 🙂

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