Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pediatrician

Like many new parents, I was very concerned about choosing the right pediatrician for my daughter.  So I surveyed my family and friends and complied this list of helpful questions:


Questions about the baby’s care in the hospital:

·        Do they have privileges at the hospital I am delivering at?

·        If so, which doctor will visit? When?

·        If not, what is the procedure for transferring information and records to the practice?

·        What is the timing for the first visit after the hospital?


General questions about the practice:

·        Do they have board certification in pediatrics? What are there credentials?

·        How many years are they in practice?

·        Where are their hospital privileges?

·        What distinguishes their practice from other pediatric groups?


·        What are the office hours?

·        What is the procedure for after hours’ questions?

·        Do they have a question line?


·        Will we be seeing the pediatrician or nurse practitioner for routine visits?

·        Is it possible to see the same pediatrician routinely for well child visits?

·        What is the ability of getting seen in the same day?

·        Do they have “well child and sick child” waiting room segregation?



·        What are their antibiotics and immunization practices, preferences or theories?

·        What are their views in regards to breastfeeding?


Question to ask if you have twins:

·        Can both children be seen at the same time?


Questions to ask your insurance:

·        Is the pediatrician I have chosen covered?  Are the other pediatricians in the practice also covered?

·        Is there a co-pay for well-visits or sick visits?


M. Kate


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  1. Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

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