Has your baby mixed-up night with day?

Party All Night Bib

If your baby has taken this bib to heart, the following advice might help you.*


  • When you get up in the morning, bring your baby outside for a few minutes to experience the daylight (dress them appropriately of course). Then try to get them out one or two more times during the day.


  • At night, keep the light in your baby’s room to a minimum and keep your interactions with him or her minimal and quiet.


  • Pick a time at night (7 or 8 p.m.) to change your baby into his or her pajamas.

Baby in Pajamas

  • Pick a time in the morning to change him or her back into day clothes.
  • Baby in Clothes

  • This feels silly at first (after all they are sleeping 16 hours a day). However, it helps to set a routine which differentiates day from night.

These tips were submitted by Sarah C. , mother of two.

M. Kate

*These tips are even more effective when you use them before your baby has flipped day with night. Thanks to Sarah C. I avoided this issue.





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2 responses to “Has your baby mixed-up night with day?

  1. Momma Calla

    I did the daylight every morning. It worked. My daughter had been confused about night and day for a week. I did this the next week and she was back on her schedule.

  2. mkate

    I am glad to hear this worked.

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