Have you considered buying a cheap umbrella stroller?

I just wanted to give a quick product review for the Cosco Umbrella Stroller that I bought on a recent trip.

Cosco Umbrella Stroller


Cosco Umbrella Stroller
Pros: It’s cheap ($10.90 at Walmart), folds up to the size of a golf umbrella, manuevers pretty well, is lightweight and opens and closes very easily

Cons: The handles are short and nonadjustable, it doesn’t recline, there’s no basket or cupholder and the one I have doesn’t have a canopy

Recommendation: This is a great stroller to have on a trip because it takes up minimal space in the trunk of a car. It is also pretty good for trips around the neighborhood, to the park and even the mall.

I have to admit that I was first drawn to this stroller because of the price. I was taking a pretty extensive car trip and didn’t want to waste the room on my snugrider stroller. I also wasn’t quite ready to invest in a Maclaren stroller. When I saw this I figured, this was perfect for my trip and I hadn’t wasted a lot of money.

Once I started using it, I found that I really liked it and I am really happy in my investment (if you can call $10.99 an investment!). I now plan on continuing to use it. I like the ‘no frills’ aspect of the stroller and Becca seems really comfortable in it. She was even able to fall asleep on a recent neighborhood walk. My biggest complaint about this stroller is it’s lack of canopy.

Here’s a few links for the stroller:

‘No-frills’ Model

This is the stroller I have (although mine does not have the canopy). You definitely want one with a canopy! The lack of canopy has prevented me from using my stroller as much as I would like.

Deluxe Model

This is the same brand with a reclining seat, canopy and a basket. The only thing it is missing is a cup holder!



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11 responses to “Have you considered buying a cheap umbrella stroller?

  1. Totally agree with the post. I thought that your points were spot on !

  2. Momma Calla

    I did. But it made my back hurt. I am taller, so I took the next step and purchased stroller handle extenders from Right Start. My back stopped hurting.

  3. mkate

    That’s definitely a good idea. I looked into buying an umbrella/canopy for the stroller but haven’t been able to locate one in the stores. I saw a few online so I might try to get one from there.

  4. Umbrella strollers, the cheap kind, with handle extenders if you need them, are the absolute best. Our youngest, now five, loved his cheapie hand-me-down with a bungie as the foot strap, finally, and we still pull it out if we’re doing long walks in the city. THE BEST!!! Don’t let people or companies tell you you need a rolls royce for a baby/toddler. Save for college instead!

  5. It is nice to see some post a review on an umbrella stroller that only costs $10. Almost everyone else likes to talk about the $1000 stroller and how you can’t live without it. But finding a good cheap umbrella stroller can go a long way. Thanks!

  6. Janelle

    I recommend getting two strollers. I got a big comfy stroller that I can set the infant carseat into and a small umbrella stroller. The big one is good for extended trips or wide open spaces (such as walks outside) and the small one is good for travel and trips to stores with narrow aisles.

  7. I purchased a Maclaren twin stroller when I recently had beloved new born twin sons. After searching for twin strollers I came across the Techno and Triumph twin strollers and they looked promising. I ended up buying the Techno. I was amazed at how simple a maclaren twin stroller is to walk around town with. I have seen parents using twin strollers before and they were wide and wide, but thats not a problem with this one. I am extremely happy to have come across these strollers. I hear they are wonderful for a toddler and baby, not simply for twins. So anyone planning on having babies close together might need to take a look, I recommend it.

  8. I get the idea of getting a no frills umbrella stroller, but I do prefer getting one that has better structure and support than this. I get that this is only 10 bucks but this will only work on toddlers and almost big kids who can sit on their own, not really for young children. There are still cheap ones that are only cost about $60 or less.

  9. I’ve tried getting a cheap umbrella stroller but it wasn’t worth it. I keep hunching over it, so it really gives me a lot of pain in the back. Very cheap ones will also let you keep buying a new one, so I’d rather pay extra to get better umbrella strollers. Those are still not as expensive and still compact and lightweight.

  10. Thanks for sharing this! Did this stroller last a long time?

    For the price, I’d be happy if it lasted for a year!


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