When should I expect teeth?

Below is a great graphic which illustrates when you might expect to see new teeth poking out of your beautiful baby’s gums. It also gives you an idea of when they will be losing them as well.

Remember that every baby is an individual so it is possible that s/he may not follow this schedule exactly. For some reason, no one ever bothered to give our children an instructional manual (or they choose to ignore it).

Primary Teeth

I saw this image on a message board. Here’s the url to get the image: http://health.yahoo.com/media/healthwise/nr551869.jpg



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2 responses to “When should I expect teeth?

  1. Momma Calla

    My daughter got her teeth in pairs or fours.
    Her first two teeth popped in overnight at five month. Then, her next four teeth came in at nine months. I didn’t know she was teething accept that she would be up at night.

    My son got his first teeth at 8 month. He only gets one at a time. He had much more teething issues.

  2. mkate

    At 8months week 4, Becca has 3 1/2 teeth. Two that came in at 5 mos, the right top one came in at 7 months (1/2 way– it is taking a long time) and the second is just peeking through now.

    At first, I could tell she was teething because she was drooling A LOT! Now she doesn’t drool but is taking great satisfaction in biting people and things.

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