Typical Toddler Schedule

If you are one of the many poeple who have come to this site after googling “Typical Toddler Schedule”, please leave a comment to let me know what you are hoping to find. I don’t currently have any posts on this subject but could ask members of my “toddler network” to write one. Before doing that, I thought it might be helpful to survey my audience and see what question they would like answered.

M. Kate

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111 responses to “Typical Toddler Schedule

  1. Momma Calla

    My typical toddler schedule…

    5:30 wakeup, dress, change
    6:00 breakfast, watch Thomas the Tank Engine while we get ready for work.
    6:30 Leave to drop off at daycare.
    6:45 Drop off at daycare
    3:00 Pick up from daycare
    3:10 Pick up sister from Preschool
    3:30 Arrive home, get snack, milk
    3:45 Play, read, run, color
    5:00 Dad comes home.
    5:30 Dinner
    6:30 Get Ready for Bed
    6:45 3 Rocks, 3 Reads (Read three board books, rock for three songs on CD)
    7:10 Go downstairs
    10:00 Nothing… or wakes up and have to rock
    5:30 AM… Start again…

    • Desi

      Hi, I am looking for a good schedule, for a mom who does not work, it hard for me to find the perfect schedule, for clean, cooking, paying bills, and take care of my children.
      Any Ideas i will love!!!

      • susan

        Hi Desi, my name is susan and I also do not work. I am only 22 years old and I have one 2 year old. I also have two step kids that are 5 and 4. I take care of them and their mother has nothin to do with them. Like you I had a hard time trying to find time to do all of these things. I have found though it is better to “clean as you go”. Sure you can’t spotless everything all the time, which is hard if you are a clean freak like me. I try to clean up after everything that I do. When my daughter takes a nap I usually clean good like bleaching toys, sweeping, moping, bathrooms stuff like that. And then when she wakes up I can enjoy her instead of stressing about the house. When the other kids get home from school we do homwork, play, cook supper and get ready for bed and before you know it it’s bedtime 8:00. Then after I get the kids laid down I will do a few loads of laundry and whatever I want until about 10:00 and then I go to bed and start my day all over at 6:00 in the mornin.

      • Kymisha

        I have two kids, one 20mnths n one 3yrs. I have a good schedule for them and I’m a stay at home mom.

        9:00 wake up/breakfast
        12:00 nap
        1:00 get up/lunch
        6:00 dinner
        7:00 bathe
        7:30 lay down
        By 8:00 sleeping

        Then you’ll have the night to yourself.

      • sandra teng

        i too am a stay at home parent of twin 2 yr old twins so i am looking for a schedule would help alot any ideas please come forward

    • Don

      Indeed, I was searching the web via Google, seeking advice on this very subject. I appreciate most of the suggestions I’ve found, but mostly they have been very informal, just a list of “what I do with my child during a typical day” sort of thing.

      I’m looking for more of a had document, something like a large pre-school or pre-k facility might use to document the day to day happenings (even though I’m just dealing with twins). I would really like some sort of Excel or Access template that would allow me to customize it so that I could import the information into a database to spot trends and generate reports when going to the doctor.

      Who knows, I might end up inventing it myself if I can’t find it out there! Thanks for the blog post!

      Daddy Don.

    • sarah

      Heres the daily routine to try. with activities inbetween as example.
      6 am wake up, why this early? because it’s healthier in the long run. Dress, brush teeth, hygine such as wash face ect. Be careful to address hygine as a joy. you will thank yourself years later for teaching this.
      630-7am some tv, breakfast. If your a stay at home mom/dad this is a good time to teach the concepts of cooking, like stirring, mixing or just time to talk about food.
      7am until 8-10am this is what I like to think of as free time, time to craft, build a fort, color, do a few work sheets for preschoolers. This is the time kids would typically be in school. Therefor like to mimic school in play. Offer a light snack during this time, juice milk and crackers, yogurt or fruit.
      10-11am is a good time for the children to self play depending on age. Generally children learn then quiet down a bit to process before returning to play again. over active children are not likely to stimulated enough. 2 hours of solid playtime based on learning will make them crave less constructive play time. this is a good time to set up thing such as playdough, doll houses, blocks, leggos, balloons or bubbles to bat around or so on. This gives the parent a few minutes to organize thoughts.
      12pm- ofcourse is lunch time.
      1pm- after lunch is quiet time again. this is something that is done in school as well and is good practice. This is the perfect time to put in a movie, read a book or put in a story on CD. They should be quiet for atleast 1 hour, 2 hours for smaller children.
      2-3pm is a good time for a walk. The sun is not too hot in the summer. In the winter I try to get the children out around 10-11am when the day is the warmest. I try to get the mail, do some light things around the yard, talk about animals, seasons, tree’s or plants. Maybe talk about peoples houses such as whoes yard this is, what colors do they have, why they have a flag ect. talking is the most important tool you will have after imagination.
      4pm- The kids again should have self play. It’s essential. I also try to have playdates around this time to encourage socialization.
      530- dinner time, start to finish should involve the kids. Try paper as placemats so they can draw while eating.
      630-730 is bath, brush teeth, read books, pj’s, making the nightime ‘nest’ for those who do not wish to sleep alone but are old enough that they should. really its just a nest made of pillows of thick blankets but it works. The last minute sippy, potty and I put a CD in on repeat of some monotone book for babies ( they like the noise of talking ) and soothing white noise for toddlers. This causes them to wake at night less. Also night lights are not good. It can cause a disruption in sleep and therefor make them wake up during the night. If they must have a light, try a flashlight which after they sleep you can turn it off but leave it next to them so they will not panic looking for it if they do wake.
      830 to 9pm at any age is time for adults. it may not work this way always but if on a routine it really should. Ofcourse this also means the house should be quiet’ish. lights should be lowered, TV turned down lower then usual and general business of the day should be done. this is a perfect time to catch up on bills, write out a to do list for the next day.

      heres some things to think of, if meals times are kept the same, the rest can be changed to meet your families needs however consistancy is what kids need. Libraries offer great programs, town parks do as well usually all are hosted before noon. Smaller kids may need to naps, 1 around 10 am and another after lunch. A toddler may need one after lunch and some like mine, never took a nap after 18 months. I never allow my kids to nap after 3pm, thats only 4 hours before bedtime which can make them want to stay up and create a bad morning or worse a habbit of going to bed late. The only time I throw all this out the window is if they are super sick. then they get to do what they want and I do damage control after they have felt better.
      I look up websites for teachers, I download free copies of worksheets to do at home, craft prodjects and eco friendly crafts using household things at night. I prepare them for the morning. If i plan to be out the next day I pack a lunch just incase.
      For those who are not limited by mobility I suggest getting yearly passes to one place such as a Zoo. it’s amazing the things that are offered to members and kids never tire of it.
      I also invested in a canoe. BEST INVESTMENT for kids EVER. it’s free everytime we use it. nasty crud filled ponds are the best and streams that piddle down to nothing. They host a variety of things for kids to look at plus access to remote places such as reeds, small islands or sandbars.
      A bike, some water, packed lunch and a few snacks plus empty containers to be filled with whatever can be an adventure waiting to happen. It takes 2 hours of hard work to clean a house. if it becomes a priority then a person can find the time during the morning, the naps or at night. Picking up as you go is the best way however, then a solid clean on Sunday.
      Time outs and the sun, I give timeouts with out yelling. I also have a sun for each child ( i have 3 ) and when they are bad, I warn them that I will take a ray from the run. I also give earned rays back. On friday they must have all thier rays to pick an activity, they must have 3 rays to watch Tv 2 rays to go outside and if all rays are gone, they have nothing until they earn them back. I only offer one day that they can choose something as a reward such as a movie, rollerskate park, maybe a toy or candy during the weekly shopping. I don’t offer an allowence for chores. this is something that in the future they must do for themselves, not for money. Household chores are not things to be paid for. i offer money for pulling weeds, cleaning the lawn and general helping. I keep a pile of popsicle sticks that each have a job and amount to pay. they collect sticks and get paid on friday.
      These things have worked well for us atleast.

  2. mkate

    Thanks for sharing! At this point, is your son napping at daycare? If so, how often and for how long?

  3. Trish

    I’ve arrived at your site after searching for a “typical toddler schedule”. In response to your inquiry as to what I may be looking for…

    As a “new” mom – I have a girl (34 months) and a boy (18 months) – I’ve done searching online periodically for information on how to best spend time with my children. How to incorporate and to balance: all that they need for their development (in all areas); spend time with them individually; and take the time that I need as a wife and mother. As moms we tend to wear the weight of the world, translated: our expectations of ourselves (expectations that we can never reach). Knowing how other moms schedule their days gives me some input for my own!

    Hope that helps!

  4. mkate

    Thanks so much for your response! I really appreciate it. I will try to incorporate more information about a toddler’s needs.

    Just the fact that you are searching out ways to challenge your children proves that you are a great mom.

    M. Kate

  5. a.goodden

    I’ve arrived at your site after searching for a “typical toddler schedule”. In response to your inquiry as to what I may be looking for…

    I have an unusual family schedule, in that my husband and I both work from home and keep irregular hours. We need to keep our 22-month old daughter on a schedule in order to keep her healthy and happy. However, we are looking down the road at having her in school, and realizing that her usual 10 am may create problems in the future. I’d just like to see what “typical” waking and napping times are, just to see how we compare to more typical families.

  6. Felicia

    Hi, I googled “toddler schedule” and here I am…
    I had my daughter in daycare for 5 months now (since she was 9 months old) but I had to stop doing that. I am trying to spend the day playing with her and teaching her new things but also having her playing by herself. I am currently putting together a daily schedule for her (she is 14 and a half months old) and I was wondering if anybody can help me.

    • Sarah


      Here is what we have been sticking to ever since I stopped working to stay at home:

      7:00 wake up, change dress – she plays while I cook breakfast and nibble some of mine before actual mealtime
      8:00 breakfast- i unload/ tidy up after finishing my breakfast while she continues eating hers
      8:30 read/ play or go for a walk if it is nice outside.
      9:00 (used to be naptime up until she was about 15.5 months old) now, we play or she helps me vacuum or do laundry – sesame street is also on at this time (1 hr and when Elmo comes on, I know I have 15 more minutes to finish up what I am doing)
      11:00 play doh or coloring in high chair
      11:30 she helps me make lunch
      12:00 lunch together
      12:30 more reading, play doh, or coloring
      1:00 nap time (I have naptime go from 1-3) I usually don’t let her sleep past 4 otherwise she won’t fall asleep for bedtime. As we transition away from the afternoon nap I’ll probably just have her do a 1 hour quiet time in her room with independant play.
      3:30 snack
      4:00 shopping or park if it is nice. If we stay in, sometimes we make cookies or play with toys
      5:00 dinner prep – independent play
      6:00 dinner. I know this might be a little late but it helps diffuse the evening crankiness that seems to start at about 4pm. I find that if I have back to back activities planned before bedtime then there is less misbehavior.
      6:30 read books
      7:00 brush teeth, jammies, diaper change
      7:15 prayers, bedtime story, tuck in, sing a song
      7:30 sleep

      We are not totally rigid but this is a general idea of how our days go. I like schedules because having guidelines that I can use during the day helps to prevent crankiness, keep things fun, and allow my DD to be able to anticipate what will happen more or less everyday.

      Note: If she won’t fall asleep for nap, I move the bedtime up by about 45 min and dinner up by half an hour.

      I just had baby #2 so our schedule has been thrown a bit. Also, my daughter is now 2.5 and when she was your daughter’s age, she still napped occasionally in the morning.

      I hope this helps


      • joanne

        thank u so much for posting. i cant explain how helpful it is to see times and activities listed. i feel less lost now. i will try this for my little one as what we do now is “unsuccessful”. thanks again so much!!!

  7. Y

    I would like to know the average wake times 2 years old have. For instance what is the average time a 2 year old can stay awake before needing a rest or showing signs of being tired….like 5 hours awake before needing a sleep.

    A typical feeding and nap schedule would be nice too.

    • Jo

      I have a 22mo old and she is up from 6:30 or 7am to 12:30. She does say I’m tired, but I stick to the routine. And she is out quick. She is up by 2:30 and doesn’t go to bed till 7:30. (So that’s about 5 hrs at a time).


    I am a stay at home mom with a healthy 2 year old son. In fact, he just turned two!! I would like to have a few example days of a toddler schedule. I would also be eternally grateful for some age appropriate activities to do during the activity portion of the schedule! Also, would love to have some meal and snacks added to the schedule. THis would be a HUGE blessing to this First Time Mom!!

  9. I found your site after googling “Toddler Schedule”. I was curious what schedule other mothers use with their toddlers, if any, and how I could better change our day to suit him and his needs as well as allow me to tend to daily tasks (laundry, housework, etc.). :)

  10. Cathy

    I came to this site by googling “typical toddler schedule” I was hoping to find how long and at what time a typical 15 month year old will sleep during the day for naps.

  11. Whitney

    Our 10 month old is on the following schedule:
    7 am – 6 oz bottle
    8:30 – breakfast
    9 – 10 am – 1 hour nap
    11 am – 6 oz bottle
    12:30 – lunch
    1 – 3 pm – 2 hour nap
    3 pm – 6 oz bottle
    5:30 – dinner
    6:30 – bath
    6:45 – pjs/6 oz bottle
    7:00 – bed
    I always like to know what other Mom’s are doing with their kids. Eventually we will drop the morning 9 am nap around a year old.

  12. Abby

    This is my 8 month olds typical day

    7:00am- 4tbs cereal, made with about 4 oz of formula, and drinks like 2 oz

    9-10:30 Nap

    10:30- Snack, juice/water

    12.00- Lunch, 1 jar of veggies and one jar of fruit

    1.30-3.00 Nap

    3.00- youguort and 4oz formula

    5:00- Dinner, 1 jar of meat and veggies, and custard or fruit

    5:30- bath, relaxing time

    6:30-7pm Bedtime

  13. Katie

    I googled 1 year old typical nap. My daughter is 10 months old now and I was wondering what to expect as far as naps in the future. I hear a lot of people saying she might give up her morning nap, but right now she sleeps anywhere from 1.5-3 hours in the morning (10:15 nap time, waking up at 6:30) and then about a half hour- 45 minute nap in the afternoon. Some afternoons she skips it all together and we have a cranky baby on our hands until 7:30 bath time. Does anyone else have a baby who sleeps more in the morning? Should I try to push her nap time back a bit in the morning?

  14. Katie

    oops.. I put the wrong email in for my last post, it is ktrokey@mac.com not ktrokkey :) (Please don’t publish that!)

  15. sandy

    This is the typical day for my 17 month old. I am a stay-at-home mom.

    7:30 – wake up and breakfast with milk
    10am – snack /water (fresh fruit and usually a gerber cookie or something)
    11:45 – 12pm – lunch with milk
    12pm – read a book
    12:15 – 2:30ish – naptime (anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs.)
    3:30pm – snack of cheese or yogurt with crackers or fresh fruit

    between 5:30 and 6pm – dinner with milk

    7pm – bath
    7:15 – cup of milk
    7:30 – storytime (2 books that he chooses) then night night

  16. Jeanne Wells

    With summertime almost here in Wisconsin, I googled..typical 2 year old schedule. I thought I would share mine. I have a 18 month old boy and 7 month old twin girls.

    6am-twins awake-drink 4 oz bottle
    7am son awakes-8 oz milk
    7-9am- Breakfast for all, Sesame Street/Curious George/ playtime, reading, outside with son
    9:00am-11am- naps for all/quiet time.
    1-1:30pm Storytime
    1:30-3:30 Nap
    3:30-5pm- Playtime outside
    5pm dinner
    7pm-bed for all 3
    As a general rule, my twins are awake no longer than 2 hours befor I put them down for a nap, and then I let them have their own schedule and lat any of my kids sleep as long as they want. I am looking to incorporate more outside time with my son..Let me know if you can suggest.

  17. Amanda

    I came to this site looking for a typical toddler schedule. I am a work-at-home mom with a 18 months old and here is the schedule we usually follow:
    7-9 I usually wake, dress, work
    8:30-9 wake up, dress for the day
    9 breakfast (yogurt, waffle/toast, fruit, milk)
    10-12 playtime, run errands, outside
    12 lunch (veggies, meal, fruit, milk)
    1-4 nap and I work
    4 snack (fruit, 1/2 juice, 1/2 water)
    4:30-6 playtime, park
    6 cook dinner while she plays with Dad
    6:30 dinner (veggies, meal, fruit, milk)
    7 play with dad
    7:30-very strict bath, pjs, books, bed
    8 baby asleep and time for ourselves

    I only let her watch tv-noggin-twice a week for 15 min each while I get dressed for playdates. She would watch it longer but I don’t want that this early. I would love any comments on what others do.

    • Karissa Callahan

      I really need help creating a schedule for myself and my kids. I have a 4 year old and a 3 year old who do not go to daycare, because I choose for them not to. I rather stay home and take care of them myself. I also have a 8 month old baby. My days are becoming more and more crazy. Not only do I have kids to care of, but I also have a home to maintain as well. I need help creating a schedule to not only make my days a little more manageable, but also a schedule so I can get my 4 and 3 year old into a routine of learning and teaching them stuff. Please help me…. my sanity depends on it. Thank you so much.

      • Todd

        I’m in the same boat you are. I have two kids also–3 and 1. If I’m doing work around the house I feel like I’m not spending enough time with the kids. If I’m spending time with the kids I feel I’m not doing my share of cleaning around the house! A schedule would really help me too. You’re not alone in losing your grip on sanity.


  18. mindy

    I have a 13 month old girl who refuses to take naps or go to bed any more. She gets up around 8 am and if I’m lucky will take a nap from 1 pm to 2 pm. then refuses to go to bed. I try shutting off all the lights in the house except my lamp around 10 pm. read her a story and then have quite time until she starts rub her eyes. i normally have her in her bed by 11 and she crys until around one. I feed her dinner between 6 and 7 pm and a snack at 9:30 pm so i know that shes not hungry. I change her right before i put her in bed. i go in and try to calm her down about every 15 minutes until she goes to sleep. I feel like a bad mom when I let her cry. what am I doing wrong? Please help. My email is missy777@myway.com I am willing to try anything

    • tiffany

      hello, I just thought I would give you a web site to visit. sleepsense.net. I have a 3year old and a 7 month old. I was having problems with my 7 month old doing the same thing. Babies at that age need more sleep. Try putting your baby to bed by 7:00. I know that sound early but it sounds like your baby is over tired. They will fight it more when they are tired. It worked for my daughter. It took a couple weeks to get the schedule down, but she is doing well now. Web site was very helpful.
      good luck

  19. Jen

    I am a SAHM of a 2 year old boy. We have a pretty regular schedule.

    8am: wake-up, change diaper, brush teeth
    830: breakfast with milk (eggs, toast, pancake, oatmeal, fruit, cottage cheese…), sesame street (I know he shouldn’t, but he loves it).
    930: juice (if milk and breakfast all gone), play time (while I get showered and dressed for the day), change diaper, get him dressed.
    1030: outside play time, or playdate, or grocery shop, or run errands.
    11am: snack with water.
    12/1230: lunch with milk (PBJ, soup, left-over dinner, chicken with a veggie, rice, fruit, cheese, pasta).
    1pm: change diaper, play time.
    130: snack with water.
    230: change diaper, brush teeth.
    3-6pm: nap (I have tried to make nap time earlier, but this is when he likes to nap).
    6pm: diaper change, water, small snack.
    630: dinner with milk (chicken, steak, fish, any veggie, rice, pasta, potato, fruit, small desert).
    730: bath time, brush teeth, PJs.
    830: read 3 books.
    9pm: change diaper, bed time.

    • Callie

      This is very similiar to my schedule with my two year old (except that I am at work during the day through the week). I am trying to find answers as to how much time I should actually spend playing “in the floor” with my child. He likes to play alone of the time, but I feel bad not playing with him…he seems to be more irritable, and so do I when I try to play with him….so about an hour out of the day is what I end up spending. Of course he comes and gets me when he wants to show me something, needs help with something, has something to say, etc. (I am in the same room with him while he plays)…should I feel bad? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this normal?

    • Mari

      Hi Jen,
      I’m going to try to follow most of your schedule because it’s similar to what my 15 month old did before she started sleeping at 3am! Thanks for sharing with us, I’m about to print out a similar one for my husband and I to try to follow, because the baby led schedule isn’t working for us right now.

  20. Deena

    I found this site while searching for a typical daily schedule for a toddler….

    I have a 17 month old, very active :), son. I work from home with a pretty strict schedule. I was wondering what a typical toddler schedule would be and to see if there was anything I could do differently that would help our situation. He is in a good eat/nap routine – I just need help with the in between times! I really don’t want him to watch TV but sometimes that is all that will occupy him so I can work for a bit or take a shower, etc. Right now our schedule is….

    7am – Wake, brush teeth, dress him for day
    715am – Breakfast/Milk
    7:45 – 8:15am – plays/watches Elmo video while I take shower and dress for day (have to be quick!)
    8:15 – 9:30am – I work on computer while he plays. I take a 15 min break to make sure I get down on his level and draw, read, etc with him.
    9:30-10:00am – snack/juice while watching Sesame Street
    10:00 – 11:15am – nap time (he will not go longer and sometimes wakes sooner)
    11:15-12:00pm – I work on computer while he plays. I take a 15 min break to get down and play/read with him.
    12:00-12:30pm Lunch/Milk
    12:30-1:30pm – I work on computer while he plays. (See where I need help! I feel guilty that he has so much “alone” play time – I’m in room and talking, singing, dancing, etc with him but while at computer. Need better activities for him)
    1:30-2:00pm – Watches Elmo video while I finish up work or do a few things around house – pay bills, etc.
    2:00-4:30pm – Outside Playtime, park, or run errands if needed.
    4:30-5:30pm – nap while I cook supper
    5:30-6:00pm – playtime with Daddy
    6:00-6:30pm – supper
    6:30-7:30pm – playtime with mama and daddy
    7:30-8:00pm – bathtime/quiet time with lotion massage and pjs
    8:00pm – read 2 bedtime stories with milk and to bed.
    THEN – I go back to work and get the rest of my 8 hours in!! (No husband/wife time!)

    I just really need some help with fun, learning activities! I feel like he should be talking more then what he is and am afraid that it is because of our schedule!!
    ANY suggestions would be appreciated! butler1027yahoo.com

  21. Vicky

    I also (happily) stumbled upon your site, after searching for a “typical toddler schedule”, as I have a 2-1/2 year old son and I am a first-time, later-in-life (I’m “40”), staying at home Mom and I am working hard to quit feeling societal pressure/guilt, everytime I give my son a cookie or (God Forbid!!) let him watch a non-educational, just-for-fun, cartoon! When did our world get so bizarre about child-rearing??!! :-)

    In response to your inquiry as to what I may be looking for, I’d love to hear from other Moms with 2-1/2 year olds (or thereabouts) with what works/doesn’t work for them with discipline techniques and just anything in general that may help make the days even happier!

    Thanks for starting this site! Moms need to support each other!

    • Monique

      Hi Vicky

      I have a slight feeling you might be a little hard on yourself.
      I dont think there is anything wrong with being a bit relaxed about what you give your child and what he watches. I let my 21 month old have the odd cookie or even a piece of chocolate (very recent) and it is just a small one.

      With regards to discipline… when my son was only 6 months old we started with the “no touch” word and he actually got it quite quickly and soon enough was responding to it. Now that he is 21 months I have started with a naughty corner. Its is in a spot where he cant get into anything and is not distracted by anything. I let him stay there for 1 minute which I time and go and get him. He has responded so well to this and bless his heart he listens. I have given a few little spankings (dont be alarmed I didnt hurt him) and these had NO effect on him and just made him cross. I am now really happy with our naughty corner and the way it works. When he comes out of it after i come and call him, he gives me a little hug and its like nothing ever happened. I hope that you have success with whatever you decide upon. I would love to hear what you try….

  22. sherry

    hi everyone! i have a 14 month old baby girl: her schedule is as follows:

    7 am wake, have 5 oz bottle of whole milk and change diaper
    7-8:30 am playtime
    8:30 am breakfast, toast & avocado, scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruit and juice
    9:30-12:00 pm morning nap
    12:00 wake from morning nap, change diaper, dress, drink of milk and play
    1:00 pm lunchtime pasta, veggies, fruit, water
    1:00 – 3:00 pm outing, park, groceries, etc.
    3:30 pm-5:00 pm afternoon nap
    5:00 pm wake from afternoon nap, snack (cheese, crackers, fruit)
    6:30 or 7:00 pm dinner time (meat, veggies, pasta or whole wheat bread), milk
    7:30 pm bathtime
    7:30 – 9:00 pm playtime
    9:30 bedtime with bottle, dry diaper, etc.

    obviously this isn’t the BEST schedule for the reason that her afternoon nap runs so late that it pushes back her bedtime. but i can’t get her off this schedule!

    • Suzy

      I have this problem transitioning from our summer schedule to our school schedule. I move their bedtime 10 minutes earlier every couple of days until they are going to bed at the time I need them to. I usually allow my kids to go to bed at 9:00 in the summer. Their bedtime during the school year is 8:00. Two weeks before school starts, I begin to put them to bed at 8:50 and so on…

  23. Michelle

    I found your site! WOW, thank you….
    I have been prawling, sarching for a site that showed a daily scedule for toddlers at home with mommy…
    While I know when to feed, dress, nap, sleep what I find is america is when to go to the park, as we never run into anyone during the week… we live were it’s very hot, the only time we see other people outside is in the am… I want my child to find other children his age to play with.. We can’t afford gymboree or other such programs and I hate keeping him inside we both get bored… we even have tried painting at home along with playing, or reading, games, puzzles but after ten to twenty minutes of any of these activities he’s done… I love my beautiful child who is spirited and active but we need a solid structured scheduled with things to do…
    currently our days look like this:
    wake up 6:00am
    play w/ Daddy & Mommy!
    breakfast 7:00 am
    Dress 8:00am
    Walk w/ Mommy-say bye to daddy(off to work)
    home 8:45-9:30am –
    prepare for outing/snacks, etc. (mommy showers- dresses 30min max) I play!
    30min cuddle time with mommy & word world(tv)/ warm milk!
    Story Time 10:00am-11:00am / library or book store Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
    10:00am-11:ooam Monday& Friday start wash/chores I help, we play music, sing songs and dance
    11:00 EAT!
    story before nap and cup of chamomile tea
    12:00-2:30/3:00 Nap
    3:00 Mondays pool
    3:00-6:30Tuesday park and farmers market- daddy mets us there for dinner too..
    3:00-4:00Wednesday park or outing/someplace special(museum or ?)
    3:00 -6:30Thursday park at a shopping plaza-outdoors, with water play area and maze and daddy meets us there for a snack or dinner
    3:00-5:00pm Friday pool
    We eat dinner around 5:00pm with daddy everyday-weather at home or out and about…sometimes mommy packs a picnic to eat..
    if mommys cooking, I usually am in my own kitchen cooking to or playing with toys…close by..
    6:30pm bath
    7:00pm cuddle w/ Daddy & Mommy for movie time or play together… I love to play trucks or trains or make imaginary desserts for them to eat..
    8:00pm bed! I get help and loved and kisses and a story, mommy stays with me till I’m almost asleep..
    Week-ends are very unscheduled/except for once a month we celebrate the sabbath and attend shul Friday night,eat a sabbath meal at friends homes and most of the morning on Saturday- we play and swim and bar-b-que, and friends come over or we go out and see movies outside or listen to music, we go out of town a lot too…
    I just feel I should be doing more to get him involved with other children, I tried play groups, just never found other parents with te same family values..
    I don’t know how but mommy finds time to clean the house and get things done, perhaps while I am sleeping…

  24. Haley

    I am a SAHM of a 20 month old little girl. We don’t too much have a “steady” schedule, but I guess if I had to guess, it would be something like this:

    8:30ish – wake up, breakfast (waffle/breakfast bar, fruit, milk)
    9-11am – playtime, I do housework
    11:30ish – lunchtime (fruit/vege, cheese, crackers, juice & water, vitamin)
    12-2pm – play outside, run errands, park
    2:00-4pm – naptime (if we’re home, I read first)
    4:30pm – dad comes home, play w/ dad
    5-6:30pm – play w/ dad while I cook
    7pm – dinnertime together at the table
    8:00 – bathtime, pj’s, a little more playtime
    9:00pm – read book, bedtime

    I do let her watch tv sometimes through the day (BabyFirstTv, Noggin, Disney). It doesn’t seem to diminish her intelligence. She knows 5 colors, all abc’s, counts to 20, 5 shapes, and is overall ahead of schedule. That is to say that television (in my opinion), as long as you spend time teaching your child, should not affect your child’s development. I mean, come on, we all watched cartoons when we were little. :)

  25. I found this site after Googling toddler schedule. It is really helpful, so thanks for creating it!

    I have a one year old and a two year old.

    6:30 – wake up
    7:30 – milk
    8:30 – breakfast
    9:00 – 1 year old naps for one to two hours
    10:00 – snack for 2 year old
    11:00 – bottle for 1 year old
    12:30 – lunch
    1:00 – naps for both
    3:00 – bottle for 1 year old
    5:30 – dinner
    6:00 – bath, then Sesame Street, Dora or Mickey’s Clubhouse.
    7:00 – bedtime

  26. Virginia

    I think this sit has been a little helpful, i am a SAHM of 2 girls, 3 years and 6 months old. I do not have them on a schedule much at all and I am looking for advice on the best one. My 3 year old has not napped since she was about 18 months but usually sleeps 12 hours at night (usually from 9pm til 9am ). The baby is not on an eating or sleeping schedule and i know it would be helpful because it seems like I can never get anything done around the house. CAN YOU HELP ME ???

    • Pam

      You say your 6 month old isn’t on a schedule. I have worked with infants in a daycare (open 630am-630pm) so we have kids pretty much their whole day and have a lot of experience with infants and their schedules. They will ease into one. Your 3 yr old may have had more of a routine and still your baby could not have one…yet! When she’s hungry, feed her. When she’s tired, let her sleep. You can slowly try to keep her awake until a certain time to try and get her to nap regularly or hold off on a bottle/feeding first 5 mins then a little more time as she gets older but don’t deprive her of what she wants. She needs to trust that you will meet her needs.

      To get things done around the house, get her used to playing on the floor by herself (or put her in a crib/playpen to play if your 3 yr old is not trusted around her), and bouncy seats, swings, highchair with toys are awesome.

      Hope that helps

  27. Carrie

    Thanks so much for this site! I googled “toddler daily schedule ideas” – and I got them. I have a delightful 18 month old, and I work part time. I’ve been recognizing that we need to firm up a daily rhythm (I prefer the word to schedule…it’s more realistic for us) as he’s become so much more aware of his outside world. I’m trying to find ideas of what others do as I seek to put together something for us. My husband and I both work in campus ministry, so we need our son to be somewhat flexible as our schedule can change at times (thus the preference for “rhythm”!) Thanks for this site.

  28. I came in search of “toddler schedule” only I was looking for some ideas on a visual chart so my son can follow along in the day to see what’s next.
    We have a very nice schedule for my two boys,

    7:00 wake up and spend time with daddy
    8:00 breakfast
    9:00 independant play
    11:00 lunch time
    12:30 nap
    3:30 snack & movie
    5:00 outside play
    7:00 table play (coloring, drawing, card, games)
    8:40 dinner
    9:00 bath
    9:30 reading in bed
    10:00 lights out
    Thanks for your great site!

  29. jenn

    I am a SAHM with a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 13 month old boy. I gave up a corporate job last year after the birth of my second son at the age of 38 and feel a bit lost at home. I am trying to set up a schedule for them. My 2 1/2 year old has just been diagnosed with ADHD and his doctor suggested a firm schedule to help him through his day (and keep my sanity). Bedtime is a firm 8:30 but naps and mealtimes are a disaster, he would rather walk around snacking if I let him. Help!

  30. Jes

    I was looking for example schedules in order to put more structure into my 17-month old daughter’s day. I spend a lot of time doing one-on-one play with her, and she is generally directing the activities. I’ve tried incorporating more “parent-directed” activities (try to set up special projects to do after her nap) in order to challenge her and *hopefully* teach something. She’s an active toddler who is happiest when busy. Trish (above) summed up what I am looking for. Here is our general routine:

    6:30-7 wake up, drink milk, change diaper, spend time w/ daddy before he leaves for work
    7:30 breakfast w/ mommy
    after breakfast we both brush teeth, get dressed, she plays while I clean kitchen
    Morning is filled w/ some sort of “on-the-go” activitiy (park, story time at library, run errands, maybe a visit to a museum or other children’s activity)
    11:00 Lunch
    then story time
    11:30 or 12 go down for nap (lasts 1.5-2hrs); milk when waking
    3:30 snack
    play time (this is where I have trouble keeping her happy/busy/entertained–typically can’t go outdoors b/c of weather)
    5ish usually wants another snack, often listen to music and dance around, while waiting for daddy to get home
    6:30 dinner, followed by family play time
    7:30 bath, books or quiet play
    8:00 bedtime

  31. Amber

    My daughter is 18 months. My husband stays home with her. Here’s their schedule:

    7am – Wake, Breakfast, Play
    9am – Nap
    11am – Wake, Lunch, Play, Errands
    3pm – Nap
    5pm – Wake, Dinner, Play
    7pm – Bath
    7:30pm – Bedtime

    We are holding on to the two naps for as long as we can :) -Amber

  32. 8:30- Wake-up- Breakfast (eggs, bacon, cereal, “baby coffee”-milk-, yogurt, cheese, fruit) Mickey Mouse
    9:00- dress shower/play/clean
    10:25 – Walk Daddy out to say bye-bye (He is a manager for a restaurant) walk
    10:30- Coloring, (to distract from fact daddy left)
    11:00 Snack (goldfish, juice, and/or fruit)/Barney
    11:15- cleanup, (Still distracted by Barney-Only 2 shows so mommy doesn’t go crazy)
    12:00 pool/playground (if we don’t have car or errands)
    1:30- Lunch (pasta, vegetable soup, yogurt, fruit/veggie, leftovers
    2:00-Nap (Mommy does laundry, cleaning and any studying for online courses.)
    3-4:00-Wake up then (Says hi to daddy who comes home for 2 hours) and snack of fruit and water
    5:00- (Says bye to daddy, then mommy tries to distract from the fact daddy left)
    6:00 (helps make dinner)
    7-7:30- Dinner
    7:30-8 Cleanup
    8:00- bath
    8:00- Get ready for bed and story-time
    9-9:30-Bedtime (Mommy does homework and stuff till 10-11 till daddy get home.)

    This is a recent schedule. We had problems because I use to work at night when she was a baby and she would wait up for me to come home.
    Then this continued after I quit working, and she would wait for daddy then. It was very difficult for me to reset her schedule, some nights she was up till 3am, mostly due to teething. I just kept making her wakeup at 8-9am. I know TV is bad but she would only wakeup in a good mood if I put Mickey Mouse on.
    I turn off the TV to the Disney channel at night and set the TV timer to 8:30. This was the only way to wake her up.

  33. Brenda

    I was looking for some ideas to help move my son’s naptime. I do in home child care and have my own son (20 months), daughter (8 years) plus two little girls to watch (2 years and 4 years) and an infant (10 months). We’ve always had nap/rest time from 12-3. Always. My son naps really good at this time. Sometims he lays down closer to 11 if he’s really tired or got up earlier than usual. The other kids are pretty static in this too.

    Now in about 2 weeks we have to start taking the 4 year old to preschool and won’t be back until 1. I am having so much anxiety about this! To prepare the kids for the nap change I”ve tried keeping them up until 12:15, then 12:30, then 12:45 etc… The other kids are adjusting fine. My son is a mess! He won’t nap if I miss his window. He just lays in bed. Before I just nursed him a few moments (he’s kinda self-weaning I guess), I’d lay him down with is lovey and blanket and he’d go to bed. Now he is tired earlier, won’t nap later and is a mess all day. I’ve been working on this for weeks and only have 2 weeks to go.

    RIGHT NOW here is our daily routine:

    7:00 he wakes up (sometimes a bit earlier if he hears all of us) Eats breakfast, gets dressed, etc..

    7:45 we take his 8 year old sister to school

    8:15 all the other kids arrive. Lots of play, inside and out, activities, etc…

    9:30 the kids have a very small snack if needed

    11:00 lunchtime

    12:00 this is when we’ve always napped but now we’ll be gone 12-1 taking the 4 year old to preschool

    2:30 my daughter comes home, does homework, anyone up from nap sits and colors while she does it . We all have a snack

    play, play, play

    6:00 dinner
    baths (I alternate my kid’s bath nights)
    brush teeth, read books

    at 7:30 I tuck my son in
    at 8:30 I tuck my daughter in (that is great because she has some alone time with us).

    Now i”m so afraid – by sleeping at 1 will he not go to bed at 7:30? If he does fall asleep at 1 should I wake him up after a few hours to keep his bedtime okay or should I Just lt him go?

    I guess I’m having lots of anxiety about this because until he was 15 months old I couldn’t even get him to nap, go to bed at night, etc… The last 5 months have been so much better and I’m afraid it’s all going to go downhill now!

    • Pam

      Have you tried putting him down for a morning nap? See if he’ll go down more like 10:15 10:30 and wake up around noon or whenever, then he can do another short nap (or even if he just lies in his crib for alone time) in the early evening (4 or 5ish) then go back down for bed same time by 730 or 8am. I’ve worked with a TON of kids and they had this schedule.

  34. Katy

    I know this schedule might sound crazy to some, but I have been told by almost everyone that knows her or even has just met her…that Ava is the happiest baby they have ever met.

    My doctor recommended that I let her come up with her own schedule and it would ultimately work around mine.

    Also, she has not taken to food too well, so we are still on cheerios and puffs and about one food a day. At first it concerned me, but my doctor said that’s perfectly normal for some children to be late eaters.

    Ava is 10 months old and this is her schedule…she goes to work with me…so it is very flexible and she basically eats when she wants, sleeps when she wants and plays when she wants…I really do feel this has played a huge part in her pleasant and cheerful character.

    7:00-8:00 she wakes up and has an 8oz. formula bottle
    10:00 she takes a nap for about an hour
    11:00 she takes another 8 oz. bottle
    12:30 half a jar of baby food with rice cereal…because she doesn’t like anything that is runny
    3:00 another 8 oz. formula bottle
    5:00 naptime for about 1.5 to 2 hours
    7:00-8:30 playtime with dad…she usually is snacking on cheerios and puffs during this time period
    9:00-10:00 bathtime and then to bed when she wants. (The doctor also told us not to give her a bath everyday, because young babies don’t really need it and it just dries out their skin.)

    Hope this helps those moms that are worried they aren’t following a strict schedule…I might possibly have one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty positive it is because I’m not making her do something she doesn’t want to do or eat when she doesn’t want to eat.

  35. Jen

    I’m glad I found this site! I’ve been recently searching around trying to find sample toddler schedules to see if I can re-arrange my day to make it more practicle! This helps out a lot to see what other people are doing. So far, we have a basic schedule, but I wouldn’t call it strict. It goes something like this: (My daughter is 2.5 yrs)

    Anywhere between 7-8am – Wake up, change diaper.

    8am – Brekkie (Egg w/toast to dip, waffle, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes) with milk. She usually watches a bit of TV while she eats.

    8:30am – Dress, brush hair/teeth, get ready for the day (I also get dressed during this time)

    9:00am – Free play time, toys, books, music

    10:00 or 10:30am – Snack (goldfish, yogurt, cereal bar, crispy mini rice cakes, raisens)

    10:30am – 12pm – Run errands, park play, ‘little helper’ for mommy doing laundry or general cleaning up the house etc.

    12pm – Lunch (chicken nuggets, the odd Mcd’s run, left overs, speghetti or any pasta for that matter, Rice w/ a meat and veggies, PBJ, Tuna, Variety plate which consists of lunchmeat, only the no nitrate kind, veggie sticks, cherry tomatoes, pickles, cheese slices and crackers) w/ water usually or juice

    12:30pm – Clean up time, tv time

    12:45pm – Nap prep time – Heat up 10oz bottle of milk, change diaper

    1pm – Give her bottle, lie her in my bed, read her a story 3 times (usually the same one over and over) while she drinks, then put her in her crib for nap.

    3pm – Wake up

    3:30pm – Optional snack time, sometimes she isn’t hungry, but if she is, I usually will give her something simple like an apple or banana or some cottage cheese.

    4pm – Play time, indoors or out, usually just in the backyard. We do some educational activities, like workbooks (or at least I try too!)

    5pm – Dinner prep time. Sometimes she will help me stir or mix ingredients, depending if she is able, if not she just plays by herself in her play room while I get dinner together.

    5:30pm – Daddy comes home. He freshens up, says hello to our daughter.

    6:00pm – Dinner (this is the most difficult feeding time for us. She usually isn’t interested at all, unless she did not have an afternoon snack, then maybe she will eat a good portion. If not, she will only pick at what is served, if anything at all.) Some of the things I make is – Chili, Sheperd’s Pie, Chicken with rice and veggies, lots of salads!, Steak with baked potatoes and tomato salad, Speghetti along with a vast array of other pasta dishes, Burgers, yes we have the occasional KD night!!! Fish, Beef Stew, breaded turkey cutlets with fresh homefries and coleslaw and the list continues (I love to cook).

    **on a side note, my daughter is pretty picky, and usually won’t eat the things I make especially at dinner time. Any suggestions?? Do any of you have any success stories? Please share! Not sure where she got it from, both my husband and I AND both sides of our families will eat almost anything and have never seen such a picky child! Not sure what I’m doing wrong (If anything at all that is). So some tips and pointers would be much appriciated!

    6:30-7:00pm – Dinner clean up, Daddy Daughter time.

    7:00pm’ish – Bathtime, pj’s on, brush teeth, hair.

    7:30pm – Tv time (In the night garden)

    8:00pm – Bottle time, read a story a few times over, cuddles, kisses, bed time.

    That’s it! Thanks for reading!!

    • Pam

      Kids have WAY more taste buds than adults, that’s the main reason they appear to be “picky eaters.” They’re more sensitive to what we think tastes delicious so let her eat what she wants and of course offer the veggies and fruits but don’t push them (dont want it to become a control issue).

    • GraysMommy

      My son is also 2.5 years old. He drinks from a sippy, sleeps great, and is very smart. He knows his ABC’s, can count to 20, (1-10 in Spanish!), knows all of his shapes and colors…he’s a great kid! But we also have had the problem with dinnertime. For the longest time, he would only pick at whatever we made him. He liked chicken, but not a whole lot else. What really made a difference was buying a bottle of Flinstones vitamins. He takes 1/2 of one a day right after breakfast, and boy does he eat soooo much better now! I also felt much better finding out that this age is known for picky eating, and that he wasn’t going to starve!! I definitely recommend a vitamin..for a long time I thought he was too young for them, but Flinstones are for ages 2 and 3 as well as older children! His Daddy and I are amazed at his new-found appetite and family members are noticing his face filling out…Mommy feels much better now too! Hope this helped!!

  36. Raven K

    This is in response to Vicki’s question regarding discipline and her 2 1/2 year old. I have a 32 month old daughter and she is definitely testing boundaries! My husband and I do not use physical punishment and we have found that the thing that works the best for us is “time out”. We used to give time out in Estella’s room but she has grown to where she just see’s it as play time. So we have a booster seat that sits next to our back door and when Estela does not heed ONE verbal warning she gets a three minute time out in the chair facing the back door (door is closed). Once her time is up, I will reinforce whatever rule she has broken and tell her we do NOT do that and then I tell her I love her and let her go on with her schedule. Hope this helps!

  37. lulu

    Wow.. do u moms have a life. why wake ur kid up so early why not let them sleep. why they have to be dressed at 7 jeez i dont get the tight schedules..

    • Todd

      I doubt anyone here actually wakes their kids that early. Those are the times they wake up on their own. That’s what mine do anyway.

  38. I would love my 19 month old baby to sleep in. I am a stay at home mom and I don’t wake my child in the morning. And she still gets up now a days at 6!!!

    This is her normal schedule….

    6-Wake up
    7:30-Get her out of the crib (she plays and talks to her self from when she wakes up)
    9:30-12-Park, Swimming, Playtime etc.
    3:30-Wake-up from nap

    She is always tired through out the day. And I can’t get her to sleep in any longer in the mornings. And the time change is next weekend.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

  39. tjbmrb

    I have 2 kids(4months & 3 years). I work from home & also do homeschool preschool with my 3 year old 3 days a week. We have a pretty structured schedule. I do not wake my kids in the morning or at nap but they still wake up at about the same time every day.
    6:30-mommy wakes up & showers & gets dressed before kids wake up
    7:00-both kids wake up & have breakfast & the get dressed
    8:00-Tues, Thurs, Fri-start preschool with 3 yr old–4 month old plays close by–Mon & Fri–both kids play while mommy does laundry & cleaning
    9:00-play outside
    10:00-3 yr old has snack & 4 month old has bottle—4 month old goes down for nap after bottle
    10:30-Tues, Thurs, Fri–continue preschool–Mon-story time @ library–Wed-playgroup
    12:00-lunch for 3 yr old
    12:45-nap for 3 yr old–he usually sleeps between 1 1/2 to 2 hrs–mommy works during this time
    1:00-4 month has bottle & then plays nearby whils mommy works
    3:00-3 yr old has snack & 4 month old has bottle–4 month old goes down for another nap after bottle
    3:30–3 yr old finishes any preschool activities not finished in the morning–if everything was finished then he plays
    4:15–3 yr old plays outside
    5:15-story time
    5:30-cereal for 4 month old(she is just starting solids so she is only eating once a day–we will adjust schedule once she starts eating more food)
    7:00-4 month old has bottle & then bath & story & bed–she is asleep by 7:30
    7:30–3 yr old has bath & stor & is in bed by 8:00
    i finish any work that i didn’t get done during naptime(i only work part time & my work load varies daily)–if no work then i finish laundry & cleaning–i am usually in bed by around midnight

  40. Kim

    I searched “toddler schedule” and came to your site looking for some sort of plan to help me relax and enjoy my day with my twins more. They are just now one year old and I find my self increasingly frantic to get things done and losing ground a little more each day. I never get it done. I used to me the “super friend” always had everything organized, knew everyone’s birthdays and sent cards for even the smallest occasion, helped with parties, and made dinners and baked goods by the dozens for sick family/ friends/ or new parents. I was the Thank You card Queen. Now I struggle to get my shower in ever day. I am very lucky in that the twins are extremely good babies/toddlers. They already have a fairly good schedule, and yes Daddy helps out a lot. But at the end of the day there are still at least a dozen things I should have done, the furniture has a nice coating of dust, my Thank you’s are piling up and I always feel as if I should have done more with the babies. Ugh. Not to mention my poor husband has to steal moments with me here and there whenever he can. There has to be a better way!

  41. Shelly

    I have a fifteen month old son and a two week old son and I am now very desperate to have a schedule for the older one.
    So far, our schedule has been like this: (any suggestions are welcome!)
    7-730: Wake up/Breakfast
    8:30-9: Bath/Dress up
    9:00-10:30: Playtime/Snack
    10:30-12: Storytime/Nap
    12: Lunchtime
    12:30-3: Playtime/Snack
    3-4:30:Milk 8oz./Storytime/Nap
    4:30-6: Playtime
    6: Dinnertime
    7:30-8: Bath/Change into PJs/Storytime
    8:30- Milk 8oz./Bedtime

  42. Val

    i came upon your site after i googled daily schedule for a toddler… i have a 17 month old son, and my aunt cares for him in our home 4 days a week while i work. i would like to create a more structured, pre-school type routine for them to follow each day, one that doesn’t include tv time! i want to offer my aunt specific lesson plans/activities so that she never runs out of ideas. i know it can get monotonous…
    here is his typical day:
    7am wakes up
    -breakfast immediately upon waking
    9:30-10:45ish naptime
    11am lunch
    2:00 snack time
    2:30-4:00ish naptime
    5:30 dinner
    6:30 bath, books, rock for a bit
    7:00 to bed

    i need more specific ideas to fill in playtimes!

  43. Megha

    I work part time and have a babysitter come home from 10 to 4 for my one year old son.

    8 AM Wake Up, Freshen Up
    8: 30 Breakfast of Fruit and Yougurt. Sometimes a lil boiled egg.
    9 Am to 10 AM Playtime Indoors or Outdoors depending on weather. I leave for work.
    11:30 AM Lunch of cereal, soup and bolied veggies
    12 to 2 PM Naptime
    2 PM Milk and a snack
    2:30 to 4:00 Playtime Indoors or Outdoors
    4:00 I am home …
    4:10 PM Snack of cookies or fruits or yogurt drink etc.
    4:30 to 7:00 We go out to a park or an indoor facility where he can run around. We include grocery shopping or othwer chores that I need to do in this time. We sometime stop by at an eatery to pick up dinner and he eats soup or baked potato or mashed potato or chicken et. while we wait
    7: 00 Mummy cooks Dinner of Veggies, Rice, Protein etc while he watches Barney.
    7:30 Dinner time
    8:00 to 9:30 We do the following in that order – Listen to Music (mostly classical) , bath, get a long massage (he loves this ) and read a book (we just started the book thing when he turned one).
    9:30 PM Daddy gives him a bottle and rocks him (500 count) .

    Nighttime is ussually fine except may be 2-3 times a week when he wakes up around midnight to eat/drink.

  44. Kasi

    I have a 9 month old..3 year old and a 4 1/2 year old and I am desperate for a schedule for them! We really dont have a routine yet and I need and want one for them! My oldest will be goin to school here in a few months so she’ll be at school but I’ll still have my other 2! Mind you now that they used to go to daycare so thats why i dont have a daily schedule for them! I want a daily schedule now that I am at home with them all the time! Please help with any suggestions!

    • Christina

      Did your daycare provide you with daily or weekly reports? If not, contact them for what schedule they use and try to follow it.

  45. rm

    Great page! I also googled ‘toddler schedule’ and am finding a lot of similarities…I’m a 37 year old 1st time mom & I’m at home with my 28 m old. This is our real schedule. I could leave out the TV info but I’m not….
    6 I’m up. Coffee, walk dog, shower, check e-mail.
    7 wakes-up (she almost always wakes right at 7am)
    7-7:30 slowly wakes up, diaper change, cuddle, dress for the day
    7:30-8 breakfast (I bring her milk and food upstairs)
    8-9:30 play with doll house, puppets, dress-up, read books, tea party, etc. (this is all upstairs, mostly in her room)
    9:30-11:30 go downstairs (this is when I sneak in my breakfast) & either grocery, errands, baby gym, playdate, library storytime, etc. depends on the day of the week – we have set things for set days – snack in here around 10 – graham crackers & juice
    11:30ish – 12:30 Lunch & usually TV (a Backyardigans)
    12:30 Nap (usually takes one, 2 hrs on a good day)
    2:30 – 3:30 playtime, books, coloring, blocks, walk outside if possible & TV (a Backyardigans again)
    3:30 snack (I’m more strict with this snacktime bc of dinner approaching and it’s tough to get her to eat a good dinner)
    4-5 she chases me around the kitchen while I cook dinner! I give her a plastic bowl and spoon and she ‘helps me’ – TV on in kitchen on news w/o sound so I at least have a clue what’s going on!
    5 DADDY’S HOME – play with Daddy
    5:30 Dinner
    6-7 play with Daddy & Mommy (more Daddy) one quiet show. things are getting very quiet now -either a blues clues or a max & ruby
    7-7:30 bath (not every night) pjs, 2 books, bed

  46. Amber

    Hi, I stumbled on this site while looking for a schedule for my kids. We have very hectic, unorganized days, and I am a stay at home mom. My children are 32 months, 20 months, and 6 months. So you can see I REALLY need a schedule. So far all I’ve gotten from site today is the basic 7am wakeup, 9am snack, 1130 lunch (and so on) but I really need some advice and tips on a schedule (and I would love tips on games foods, ect.) for three kids at these ages since they’re different. Please email me at amberlauver@yahoo.com

  47. Lani

    My name is Lani and I am a 24 year old stay-at-home mother of two under four. I am also taught pre-school before I became a mother. I googled this page, because I was looking to change my schedual for the children as they grow. I was curious as to what other Moms were doing for thier little ones, and if I could learn from them. Here is the current schedual for my 36 month old daughter and my 23 month old son:

    6:00 am: I get up before daddy and walk our dog. After Daddy leaves I work out for 20 mins., shower and dress.
    8:00 am: I wake the kids: and change 1 diaper and one pull-up. They both have potty time for around 5-10 minutes or until atleast my daughter is successful.
    8:15: Breakfast together: I talk to them about what we are eating or our plans for the day etc.
    8:30: Wash up: and get them dressed.Potty time #2 !
    9:00am: We watch Sesame Street together and I help them to interact and go over the small lessons with them.
    10:00am: Snack Time
    10:15am: Wash up and potty time #3!
    10:30: We go for a walk with our pup together
    11:00: Come home and play in the yard.
    11:30: Lunch.
    12:00:Wash up and you guessed it potty time!
    12:15: Nap that usually lasts 20-30 mins for her and 2 hours for him.
    1:00: I have time to spend with my girl. I take this time to teach her her colors, numbers, shapes etc.
    She is very bright! Yup that was a shamless proud mom plug!
    2:00: potty break!
    2:15: Snack!
    2:30: clean up and starighten up their room and the rest of the place.
    3:00 Daddy’s home! They have daddy time while I take Ash (our dog) for another walk! She’s a border collie she need her walks!
    3:30ish: The kids and I read and color. I go over numbers and the basics focusing mostly on my son since my daughter had 1-on-1 time earlier.
    4:00: We play in the yard
    4:30: Potty time again!
    5:00: They eat dinner
    5:30: They wash up and then have free time for play.
    6:00: Daddy and I have our dinner late sometimes. It can be like a little date without the going out.
    7:00: Bath,t.v or short movie, book in that order.
    8:00: Bed time with a lullabye or 5.
    8:30: lights are out and hopefully they are sleeping!
    9:00: We adults can finally watch what we’ve teevoo’d today (just because we don’t want them addicted to tv doesn’t mean we aren’t)
    The drawback is after walking Ash again and trying to calm my mind down I don’t usually go to sleep until 11pm or later. Yikes! My question is should I put them to bed earlier, and if so how do I manage doing that constructively?

  48. Dawn

    I came to your web site looking for a typical day’s schedule for a 2 year old by a stay-home mom who is very interactive with her child and cooks 3 home-cooked meals a day and has to keep up with cleaning and bookkeeping, preferably an organized person who has put thought into it. I think seeing someone else’s schedule would help me get mine more realistic. My husband has wanted the baby to have and do whatever he wanted (no tears) for the most part until now. I have not had any regularity to eating and sleeping and though his has been much more, I feel like he would benefit from more of a routine. I don’t want to be abrupt about it, but I think I’ll have to start with having a set “bedtime” regardless of whether he cries so that we CAN have a schedule. I’ll look back.

  49. Taz

    I was looking for a toddler schedule with actual time on it so this site was very helpful.

    Our little has a bedtime on 8:30 am that is adhered to most of time. His nap is at 1:30-4 pm (usu it is 1.5 hours). Feeding schedule is not as strict as my little one is a picky eater and refusing to eat at time so still trying to get this down. I was to take some guidelines from other postings so hopefully we can report back with more positive news soon. Thank you again for the site.

  50. Cheryl

    glad i stopped by this sight. i have an 18 mon old and am currently 18 wks pregnant with twins. just looking for ideas for schedules, especially when the twins arrive. i found the comments very helpful. currently my daughter is awake 7 to 7 and take 2 naps during the day. i work full time but when the twins arrive i’ll be taking a break from work and staying home for about 2 years. my daughter’s weekend schedule is very similiar to the ones posted. i feel i’m on the right track in mothering:)

  51. Jackie

    Just wanted to get an idea of how strict (timing) the schedule of other families. I am trying to help a young mother give her 3 toddlers a routine. It was what I expected. Thanks.

  52. serena

    hello everyone i am a stay at home young mother of 2 children and i need help. there are no grandmas in this family. so i need HELP from other mothers. I have a very energetic 3 yr. old girl and a very brand new baby boy about 2 weeks new. My husband is a work-o-holic. so it seem to be me and only me. I need help putting my kids on a schedule. I know i want them or at least my toddler in bed by 8:00 no later. she wakes up much happier. so please if any one reads this maybe you can help me and my family. or even e-mail me a friend is always helpful also thanks so much serenamoreno55@yahoo.com

  53. Jo

    Hi I found your “Typical Toddler Schedule” very useful guideline. My baby is now 15 months…I’ve run out ideas of what to do with her…coz I often forgot she still young!! :P

    Her schedule normally are pretty same…
    8am: wake-up, wash face & hand, Breakfast with 8oz milk and cereal
    830: wash hand and face, clean teeth, change diaper, sipped of water.
    9.00: bathtime & get dressed
    930: play time (Toys/Stories/TV – Baby development programme).
    1030: playdate, or grocery shop.
    11am: snack with water.
    12/1230: lunch (Porridge, Fried Rice, chicken with a veggie, rice, fruit, cheese, pasta).
    1pm: change diaper, play time.
    130: snack with water,change diaper, brush teeth.
    2-4pm: nap .
    4-5pm: diaper change, water, small snack.
    5.30: dinner (chicken, steak, fish, any veggie, rice, pasta, potato, fruit, small desert).
    6.30: TV Time.
    730: bath time, brush teeth, PJs.
    830: bed time.

    2 times per week playgroup class; 1 time per week swimming lesson; twice per week playgym and 1 time per week baby brain development class. All these programme are 45mins to 1 hours. Twice per week mummy & baby’s social entertainment.

    Any suggestions, are welcome!!

  54. Erin

    In my quest to find what ‘a day in the life of a toddler’ looks like for other families, I too googled ‘typical toddler schedule’ and (happily) stumbled on this site. I have a 2 yr old son who LOVES to be outside…”dig mama dig” (he loves to dig…in the dirt, in the sand you get the point!). I work F/T out of the home and my husband works shifts; when he isn’t being the SAHP, my mom-in-law watches him – I’m home on weekends.

    From reading a fair number of posts, most of us moms are in a similar boat, even though schedules might be off by an hour or two, we seem to struggle with the same dilemmas: appropriate activities, discipline, development, transitions. It’s comforting to think about the hordes of moms out there dealing with the same issues – good and bad – knowing that we’re not as alone as we feel…

    Our typical schedule looks like this…

    7am: wake up, change of diaper and clothes
    7.30-8.30: breakfast, wash hands, brush teeth
    8.30: play time and some TV
    9-9.30: outside to the park, beach, digging (!), or errands
    11-11.30: snack and juice box, play some more outside or in
    12.30pm: lunch
    1-1.30: transition to nap with stories
    1.30-3: nap
    3-3.30: post-nap snuggle time
    3.30-5: outside for more walking and digging (!)
    5.30: dinner
    6-7: play time
    7-8: bath, brush teeth, pj’s, stories
    8pm: my favorite time! night night :)

    Keep up the great work, moms!

  55. marcia

    i googled “sample toddler schedule” to arrive here. it’s just what i was looking for. thank you moms!
    my son is 23 mos. i’ve never had a schedule by clock, only by order. I’m a single parent, child sleeps with me (so he wakes when i do), working 3 days/wk as nanny and my son comes to work with me.
    Now that the 2-year-old behavior has begun (constant contrariness, loud whining, screaming, tantrums) I thought a more precise schedule by clock would benefit him. You may email responses to me at misskilgallen@gmail.com.
    Thank you!

  56. Emily

    I need some advice.
    I have a two year old girl, and every day is SO hectic & random. I would love to have a set schedual ’cause i know its good for her, and me, but how?

    Our day looks like this:

    She wakes up around 7 every morn, but I am a LATE sleeper. Then sometimes she plays, sometimes she watches tv, sometimes i eat first thing, sometimes not. The ONLY thing that is set daily is nap time, which is anywhere between 11:45 & 2:00 pm. Then we… do whatever?

    Somedays we go out side, other days all i do is clean & she follows me around and helps.
    So is this bad?
    How do I … where do i start?

  57. CM

    The terrible 2’s are upon my home!! I am a single SAHM.
    Here are our issues. My son recently turned two and seems that he has made it his life’s mission to make me rip all of my hair out by the time he’s 3. He does what he wants when he wants. An example of this, yesterday he refused to take a nap after he got up at 6am we went to the park around 730am and stayed 4 hours!!!! I desperately needed a nap also so wanted to wear him out good. We came home ate took a bath (was needed) I rubbed him down with lotion diapered him up and laid him in his room. This was at 1215pm or so. He didn’t go to bed! Not at 1 or 2 or 3 but at 630pm he once again crawled out of bed opened his door wandered around (and at this point i’ve given up at putting him back in bed) he then fell asleep on the living room floor. So then he is up at 830 PM revived and ready for more! I have no idea what to do. This is only within the past 2 months or so. Up until a few months ago our schedule went like this:

    8-830am wake up change diaper
    830-breakfast at the latest while we talk (babble) to one another about our dreams
    845am (or so)Clean up
    9am Go outside on the patio play on the trike or with the wagon
    930 Pick a morning activity (coloring, painting, drawing, cars so on)
    1030 snack and a sippy of water and music then a diaper change
    1045 Learn time-colors abc’s singing dancing
    1115-lunch and a sippy of juice or soy milk
    1145 quiet time we both lay down and snuggle
    2-snack and a diaper change
    215-head to the park or out for a long walk(no stroller, just his 2 feet and mine)
    4-head home
    4 (or so) start dinner and he gets play alone time
    430 eat dinner talk or watch a movie or show. (Thomas the train or Spongebob bad but he is obsessed)
    5 Chore time, He cleans his room i do everything else, just like a man jk
    530 back outside to the patio or walk to the mailbox and a book

    6-615 bath
    645 lotion, pajamas and tea, or warm soy milk
    700 cuddle for a bit and talk
    715 quiet time
    730 story time
    745 lights out

    • christina

      im a single sahm to a 21/2 year old and i also let him watch some carttons. im at my wits end on how to do a lot of things . how did you get ur son to bed so early mine wont fall alseep until anywhere between 10 and 11 pm . and his naps dont come until 4pm or 7pm on most days they use to be at 1pm-3pm. help plz

  58. Big Sis

    Yea I’m 16 and I have a 3 year old brother and now that it is summer I have to watch my three year old brother as well as my 10 year old bro because my mom works from 2p.m. to 11p.m. I was watching them from these times already but now I’m hanging out with them all day but yea I just googled a toddler schedule so I can keep my little brother on a schedule and I found this.

    This is what my schedule looks like:

    7:00 ish – 3 year old brother wakes me up for breakfast ( any cereal or oatmeal , toast,and milk

    7:30 to 8 – 3 year old watches pbs kids or his wonderpets dvd while I eat breakfast

    8 to 9 – we all get ready to go run errands with my mom ( clean the house, find clothes, shower)

    9 to 1:30 – we run errands with my mom ( grocery shopping , paying bills, going to the mall)

    1:50 ish – mom drops my brothers and I off then she goes to work

    1:50 to 2:30 – eat lunch , play games , watch tv

    2:30 to 3:00 – take 3 year old for a walk

    3:00 to 4:00 – clean up again and then cook dinner or reheat leftovers

    4:00 to 5:00 – my mom will call to check up on us then we eat dinner

    5 ish to whenever we feel like it – we go outside for another 30mins ( go to neighborhood park , play in backyard)

    usually 6:30 ish – clean up once again

    6:30 to 6:45 – give three year old brother a bath or shower

    6:45 to 7:00 – toddler dresses his self while I get the bed stuff ready

    7:00 – 8 ish – we read cat in the hat and then he lays in bed while his baby music is on and the lights are dimmed

    9:00 to whenever – I just watch tv , check my myspace

    • Marie

      Wow. You are very responsible. You are doing a great job! May God continue to bless your family!

      “The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: ‘Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.’ ” Jeremiah 31:3, NKJV

  59. Marie

    I am a working mom of a 1, 3, and 9 yr. old-all boys! I am trying to find a schedule that will work for working moms, that don’t usually get home until 6:30 pm. I want to be able to have a schedule that allows for supper, time together, homework (9yr), worship, and bedtime–that still allows me time to myself. Right now, my kids are ending up going to bed way to late (11pm), but I wouldn’t want them to go to bed at 7pm either, because I would never see them. I am just trying to see what works for other working moms.

  60. April

    I have 26 month old and an 8 month old boys. I recently quit my job teaching to stay at home with the boys. The world of education taught me how important scheduling is for kids, so when I have the kids we stick to a pretty good routine. The boys spend a day or two a week with grandparents/great grandparents who lost the word “no” from their vocabulary when my kids were born! How do I respectfully suggest that I want the same basic schedule followed when the kids are away from me? I don’t want to seem anal, but I’m the one dealing with them on evenings that they haven’t had a nap or on a sugar high! NOT FUN! So here goes:

    6:30 baby wakes up, nurse
    6:45ish toddler up, diaper change
    7:00 breakfast, yogurt, fruit, juice
    7:30-9:30 play
    9:30 snack
    9:45 errands, clean, play
    11:30 lunch nuggetts/grilled cheese/hot dogs (I know their horrible…) something green and fruit
    12-1 play
    1-3:30 nap for toddler, nurse and nap for baby and mommy
    3:30-6:00 play
    6:00-7:30 cook dinner, eat, clean-up
    7:30 baths
    8:15 rock toddler, read bible story, bed
    8:30 nurse baby, bed
    10 bed for me!

    After looking over this it looks like all we do all day is eat and play. Oh well, they have the rest of their lives to go to school and work. The toddler can say his ABC’s, count to 20 and spell his name. Too bad every color is green still… aprilbynum@ymail.com

    • Sarah

      Awesome schedule. I am in very much the same position as you are with a 5 month old baby boy and a 30-month old girl. The question I have for you is: How do you deal with the crankiness that starts to creep in during the late afternoon? Maybe you don’t have this problem but my daughter (toddler) always seems to start cruising for mischief around 4pm.

      As for your situation with the grandparents… It is great that they get to spend time with them during the week. Both sets of ours live in opposite directions and 1000’s of miles away from our household.

      You could probably tell them you are trying an experiment in child behavior. Present them with your schedule and ask them if they would be so kind as to stick to the important things like naptime/ mealtime. Tell them you are experimenting to see if this “schedule” you are suggesting to them has any positive effect at the end of the week. Then, give them a full report at the end of your experiment, thanking them profusely for all their help in sticking to the schedule and that the results were so good that you plan on continuing with the “schedule” permanently.


  61. ashley

    i am a stay at home mom of 3 children.
    ages 5 ,2, 1.
    we do not have a set schedule with the kids. they usually keep us up all night then sleep all day.
    i want to get them on a schedule but dont know how if i cant get enough sleep !!

    can anyone help

  62. Nicole

    hi! I got here by googling toddler schedules. I am a SAHM of a 17 month old, and I feel like our days are completely inconsistent from one to the next! I am trying to get on some sort of routine and was hoping to find some ideas. :)

  63. Anne

    OMG, thank goodness I found this page. I have a 2.5 year old and everyone tells us he sleeps so late so I freaked out and needed to get an idea of how other people have their toddler schedules so I can reshape mine. Thank you so much this.

  64. Sofia

    I googled ‘routine examples for toddlers’ and got to this site. I just wanted to see what other parents do with their toddlers on a typical day to get ideas.
    I’m a stay at home mum to a 3.5 yo and a 21 mo currently living in Australia from the US. It takes a bit of a juggling act to take care of 2 young children and maintaining a home. I thought I’d share our routine hoping it would help someone out there. I use it as a basis for our day but I don’t stress out too much if we’re off by half an hour here or an hour there as long as we keep the flow going.

    7:30 am Mum wakes up/takes a shower/gets ready for the day which includes making sandwiches for our morning trip and getting our backpack ready

    8am kids usually wake up/ get them dressed/breakfast

    845am we take our 2 dogs for a quick walk around the block

    9am playtime at park or trip to aquarium/zoo-luckily we live 10mins drive to both

    1145am mum prepares lunch while they play in the house or backyard

    12noon lunch

    1245pm naptime (most days) for my 21 mo and either tv time or quiet time for my 3.5 yo

    3pm playtime at the park or we do some arts and crafts in the backyard if they had a big morning

    5pm take dogs for another walk around the block

    530pm mum prepares dinner while they play

    545pm bath time

    6pm dinner time

    7pm brush teeth/ read a book/ bedtime

    Laundry: I usually put a load in at night after the kids are down and put it up on the line in the morning if I have time before they wake up or midday.

    Groceries: I make a shopping list and either go after dinner if my husband could mind the kids or break up the list to what we need in the next 2 days and go to the shop in the afternoon with the kids. Occasionally I shop online to have them delivered if I’m lazy.

    House-cleaning: I found a cleaner/s (couple) who does it for $50/hr and it only takes them an hour to clean the whole place. They come by every 2 wks and the house is spotless clean. I only have to do light sweeping and tidying for the rest of the week. It’s worth it for me.

  65. beth

    You said to leave a comment telling you what I hope to find. I am concerned that my child spends too much time watching TV, and playing on the computer, but it helps me a lot when there’s a lot of housework to accomplish. I want to be able to care for my home, and give my toddler the kind of attention she needs. I am hoping for advice on managing and balancing these things, and maybe examples of schedules that will accomplish all that.

  66. Christina

    I’m a SAHM w/ a 17 mos old boy & am 23 wks preg w/ 2nd boy. Found this site by Googling “toddler daily schedule”. I’m searching for ideas on how to better spend playtime together w/ my son. I would like to incorporate more educational/structured activities, like ones he would be getting in a daycare environment. Right now there is a lot of freetime & I have the tv on for quite a bit of the day, mostly for backround noise & for filling in… Our day currently usually looks like this:
    -6am Daddy leaves for work
    -7am I wake up to alarm to shower & get dressed
    -8ish Son usually wakes up (on own)
    -Change son’s diaper & get him dressed
    -Independent play w/toys & books while I prep breakfast (tv is turned on to Disney Playhouse, PBS Kids, or Nick Jr)
    -Breakfast (usually cereal, a breakfast bread, fruit, w/ milk, I always finish 1st & do dishes)
    -Play together w/ toys & books (or attend a playgroup, take a “field trip”, or run errands)
    -Independent play w/ toys & books while I prep lunch (if we’re home)
    -Lunch (usually leftovers or eat out w/ milk, I always finish 1st & cleanup)
    -Cleanup toys (tv is turned off and lights dimmed)
    -Nap, for both of us (I might sacrifice all or part of my nap sometimes to get something else done like pay bills or whatever)
    -Independent play w/ toys & books while I prep snack (tv is turned back on to Disney Playhouse, PBS Kids, or Nick Jr)
    -Snack (usually a veggie, some type of cracker, yogurt, w/ juice, I always finish 1st & cleanup)
    -Daddy gets home from work
    -Play together w/ toys & books
    -Play together w/ toys & books
    -7pm Cleanup toys (tv is turned off and lights dimmed)
    -Give son a bath & dressed for bed
    -Read 1-2 books/stories and have milk
    -8pm Put son to bed

  67. New Mommy

    Im a new mother and I managed to get the hang of Sch. for my 1yr old altough weve de some minor adjustments she very much abides to it.
    *I change her when it is needed babys pop theirs no schedual for that it just happens
    6am- Wake, Make Breakfast *toast egg and yogurt 6 oz bottle only after her meal- DORA! DVD
    6:30am -Get ready for Daycare and Dress , Brush Hair and Tooth (hehe)
    7:10-Off toDaycare Sing on the way
    8:15am-DROP OFF
    3:30pm PICK UP
    4:15 Get home and Play or take an afternoon nap depending if she did at Daycare
    4:35-Snack (Crackers and Water Carrots.) MILK 6oz
    5:10-Go for a walk(Dep. On Weather) Or Read PRACTICE POTTY!
    5:40-Prep for Dinner while she Independent plays and doa lil cleaning
    6:15- Dinner Meal,Veggies,Friut,Milk
    6:40-Bath time aternating days. or Spend Time with mOmmy
    7:15-8pm-BED after Reading singing and prayer
    8-? I prep for nxt day CLOTHES, Diaper bag,

  68. Cool share!Also I liked this blog’s layout.You will surely see me around your blog quite often as I like improving my knowledge.

  69. Kristinia

    Hi, I also found this site searching for toddler schedules. I have a 13 month old daughter and we just recently (at about 11 months) “started” to get on a normal schedule. Her daddy just got a new job and is on an awkward schedule (from 2:30pm-11:30pm) and is very hard on mommy and baby to try to get a at home routine in place. I am still having some trouble and want a more functional and structured routine. Day to day varies.

    8-10am: toddler/mommy awakes, gets dressed, drinks milk (bottle)
    Tues-Fri: 10am-1230pm: mommy has to go to doctor, daddy and baby always come with me. (This is REALLY hard for me to incorporate a schedule since half the week we have to go and the other half we don’t…. any suggestions PLZ HELP!!)
    Sat-Mon: 10am -12pm: breakfast/cartoons/play
    12-330pm: lunch/play/help with mommy around the house
    630-8pm: dinner/clean up
    8-845pm: play/get ready for bed
    845pm: bath
    9pm: get ready for bed/read/bottle… then usually asleep by 10pm then daddy arrives from work at 1130pm and I give him dinner and we usually get to bed around 12-1am.

    I would really like to get a better routine in place because my daughter is also getting frustrated having different times for things everyday. I would also like for her to be up a little earlier around 7-8am and have a mid morning/afternoon nap instead of such a late nap and for so long because she goes to sleep too late and I want her in bed around 8-9pm. Please anyone help, we are both at our wits end and have no idea where to start. You may email me at Ktina13009@aol.com for any suggestions. Also if anyone has any idea on activities – educational/fun/creative please send them we also are very bored during the day. Thanks so much for any help! – Kristinia & Aubree Mae

  70. Amanda

    Hello all! I have a small childcare service in my home. The ages of my kids ranges from 10 months to 2 1/2 years. They all have the same daily schedule with the exception of my 2 yr old. Everybody is here by 8:00 am.

    8:00-8:30 =Say good morning, breakfast time
    8:30-9:00 =clean up, change diapers, quick story
    9:00-11:00=babies naptime, 2 yr olds learning time (sesame street or NPT, weekly teaching curriculum, block game)
    11:00-11:30=babies wake up, change diapers, small snack, such as fruit, yogurt, or applesauce.
    11:30-12:45=playtime, read books, exercise (dancing to Hip Hop Harry) outside playtime, preparation for lunch
    12:45-1:30=lunch time
    1:30-2:00 =clean up, change diapers, quick story if time permits
    2:00-4/:30=naptime for everybody
    4/:30-5:30=wake up, snack, maybe outside for a
    5:30-6:00 =prepare for parents pick ups

    This schedule seems to work really well for everyone. Newcomers adapt to this quickly as well.

  71. Anna

    I am a mother to one 27 month old little boy with a ton of energy.

    Here’s our daily schedule(mainly the weekdays)

    5-Mom up/Run/Shower/Dress to Shoes
    6-Mom Prep for day/Cleaning
    7-DS and DH up/Potty/Brush teeth and wash up/Dress to shoes/Helps mom prepare breakfast
    8-Breakfast(Oatmeal,yogurt,milk and fruit)/Set and clear table/Wash Up
    8:30-Walk or visit park normally only until 10ish since our park tends to get very busy around that time and DS seems to get overwhelmed
    10-AM snack(Fruit,Veg sticks,hummus,muffins , smoothies,Cheese and Crackers,Applesauce)
    10:30-Sensory play(Playdough,water table containing water,fliur,rice,cornmeal,ect.,
    clay,modeling wax)
    11-Art Time(Sometimes we do seasonal crafts but mainly just free art where he can explore and create with different mediums)
    11:30-Circle Time(We work on the calendar, weather and follow that with a story and story stretcher or another learning activity ie.color hunt,shape sorting,counting game)
    11:45-Quiet time(Books,puzzles,Mr.Potato Head) with DH while mom prepares lunch
    12-Lunch(Soups or leftovers with apple juice and salad)/Set and clear table/Wash Up
    1-DS nap while mom checks up some housework
    3-DS up/Snack(Fruit,Veg sticks, hummus, muffins, smoothies,Cheese and Crackers, Applesauce)
    3:30-Outdoor playtime.We meet with a homedaycare provider and her kids for some playtime at the local elementary school
    5-Dinner Prep
    5:30-Dinner/Set and clear table/Wash Up
    6-Playtime with mommy(Tuesdays we go to free swim with Grandma)
    7:30-3 Rocks and 3 Reads
    8-Bed/Mom cleans and relaxes:)

    ***DH is home in the AM right up until Nap time when he heads out for work.

  72. n8urm0m

    I have been looking for a toddler schedule as well and Google brought your site up in the results. I also am a stay-at-home mom and want to make sure that I incorporate activities from all relevant developmental categories in my daughter’s day. (I use the clean-as-you go approach and nap-times for personal activities like grooming.)

  73. Bianca Bleach

    I have enjoyed looking at how I can combine some of these ideas to create my own schedule.
    Bianca mother to a 22mth old boy.

  74. Stephanie

    I have gotten a lot of great ideas on how to set up a schedule, but my question is how can I work in potty training into a daily schedule? My son is 22 months and we are starting to potty train but our days are so unorganized I need something plus with me in school full time and with number two due in Nov I need some help. Any suggestions or ideas feel free to email me Flirtgirl_01@hotmail.com

  75. Hi there – I have a toddler schedule up at my blog if anyone would like to check it out. Feel free to print it out and use it if you like it http://www.mamabrain.com/toddler-schedule-example/

  76. Yanira

    I would like to know what would be a good schedule for a 7 month old baby? Including sleep schedule. I mean what activities could I do with her during the day that will help her development. I’m currently an at home job, so I take care of my baby girl full time. So I would like a schedule that has her play times but with activities that a 7 month old could enjoy?

  77. naomi

    Hey, I am a mum to a 17 month old boy..I work part-time (well actually its a full time job, with great hours.. Babys dad is a musician so is often away, leaving me and baby alone a lot. I have a babysitter come in mon-fri from 7-3 while I’m working. Ever since he was new born, I’ve worked hard for him to have a lot of independence,so he is a very easy child. He can spend hours playing with his blocks or musical instruments, and he loves having jam sessions with his daddy.. He has a pretty strict schedule, which makes life so much easier for me,and for him too.. Since he was new born he’s had a strict bedtime of 7pm,and nowadays, if its 7 and he’s not in bed, he pulls me to his room and tries to climb into his cot..very cute (=. I live in a place where parents let their kids do pretty much whatever they want,decide their own schedules,from sleep times to what they eat etc, and I can see that this not only causes stress for the parents,but also for the kids. What I’ve learnt with my son is that kids actually love and thrive on having a routine. mine (thankfully, enjoys it so much that he can follow it without even having to be asked. As for behavourial problems, he is starting to test my boundaries, but he’s learnt very quickly that any misbehaviour (hitting, etc)will result in a warning that next time he does this he’ll be sent to his room for 5 minutes. He usually has a bit of a tantrum in there, but after the 5 mins are up, I bring him out and talk to him about why he can’t do that, eg hitting. I expalain and show him how to touch someone nicely (I stroke his face and get him to do the same). Then we cuddle and say sorry, and everythings fine again. I definately think that the earlier you nip things in the bud, and the earlier you get into a routine that suits you, the easier it is for both you and baby…

  78. I use babycenter.com to answer most questions about my little girl. They have sample baby schedules for newborn through 12 months. But not for older children. When I googled toddler schedule, I was hoping to find something like what I’ve been looking at on babycenter.

    When you click on an age at babycenter, you will find 7-8 sample schedules written by real parents. I use these to compare my baby’s schedule. I am usually looking for information about how much and what kinds of foods to feed her and how often/ long naps should be.

    Currently, I feel like I am not feeding my 13-month old enough (especially fruits and veggies), even though I give her the same amounts suggested at babycenter. So I was looking for information on that.

    Also she has not been napping well. I thought she was switching to 1 nap a day, but after trying that for a while, it still wasn’t working for us. So I was hoping to find some information about how much other children her age are napping.

  79. Annie

    I currently am a SAHM as my husband is out of town for work Monday through Friday. I two boys a 4 year old and a one year old as well as a 1 month old daughter, so as you can see a schedule is a must in my house. Here is our typical schedule.

    6:30am – Bottle and diaper change for the baby
    7:00am – Shower/Dress for Mommy
    7:30am – Boys wake up/diaper change for one year old – brush teeth – boys get dressed for the day
    8:00am – Breakfast for the three of us
    8:30am – PBS for the boys/Breakfast clean up/start laundry
    9:00am – Playtime with Mommy
    9:30am – Bottle and diaper change for baby/Snack time for the boys
    10:00am – Story time
    10:15am – Naptime for one year old until 11:45am/quiet play for 4 year old/Mommy’s chore time
    11:30am – Start Lunch
    12:00pm – Lunch time
    12:30pm – Bottle and diaper change for baby
    1:00pm – walk/errands/playdate/park etc.
    2:30pm – Snack time
    3:00pm – Independent play for the boys/Lunch and Snack time clean up
    3:30pm – Bottle and diaper change for baby
    4:00pm – Coloring/Finger Painting/Dancing etc.
    4:30pm – Start Dinner with help from my 4 year old – one year old has a light snack and plays in high chair
    5:00pm – Dinner
    5:30pm – TV time/Dinner Clean up
    6:00pm – Bath time/pajamas
    6:30pm – Movie Time/Bottle and Diaper Change for baby
    7:00pm – Mommy quiet time
    7:30pm – Light Bedtime Snack with the rest of the movie
    8:00pm – Brush teeth/Story time
    8:30pm – Bed time
    9:00pm – quick pick up from the day
    9:30pm – Bottle and diaper for baby
    10:00pm – TV time for Mommy
    10:30pm – Bedtime

    One of the big reasons I have it in 30 minute sections is because at one and four years old attention spans are not very long and the activites need to be broken up more through out the day.

  80. Tiffany H.

    I found this when I googled schedule for toddlers. I have always been a working woman. Due to events beyond my control I have been staying home, while my kids attended day care…long story. However, I am bringing them home, and frankly, I’m intimidated! I am not a good housekeeper and not good at keeping my two 2 year olds entertained. I want to succeed at this: our daycare is fantastic, my boys are super smart and know so much-I don’t want to lose that momentum because they are home with Mommy all day!

  81. Danielle

    My name is Danielle and I am married and we have a three year old. I have just recently decided to stop working and become a stay at home mom and wife. I was just looking for ideas/advice on schedules for her and different types of activities for her to do. She is very active and doesn’t listen very good can someone help me with this.

  82. Lace

    I am a SAHM to two boys, ages 13 and 32 months. I arrived at this site looking for some ideas for scheduling our day so that each of my 2 kids gets some one-on-one time and educational activities, and I get my household chores done (cleaning, meal prep, bills, etc), while still fitting some out-and-about time in.

  83. sirisha

    My daughter v’s is almost 3 yrs old & i tried somany ways but no use she follows her own way…started nap time between 2 pm-4 pm that dayshe slept at 2 am …then i tried sleeping her at 12 pm – 2 pm then she slept before 11 pm…so friends her time is set after 10 she sleeps …i excuse her now … its her wish …after she grow hope i’ll follow

  84. Lindsey

    My little boy turned 2 in august. His sleep schedule has been insane the last week leaving me with no sleep. He has been up until 5 and 6 a.m. I have tried to cut out naps if not altogether none after 4 p.m. Any advice to recreate a more normal schedule would be wonderful I try everything I can think of. He has 3 older step brothers who go to sleep at 9p.m for school but even laying down for bed with them has not worked. With no sleep at night I am exhausted because when he sleeps later it is my time to get housework done, bills, organizing and the other every day activities necessary finished. Like i said, Im open to any ideas…..:)

  85. Pramila Bellala

    Hi. I appreciate all the information you have given us all. i have a 2 month old baby and an almost 3 year old and a puppy. I am living in an apartment right now but will be moving to a house soon. I was just wondering if you could give me some tips and a typical schedule about this. I would like to have exercise in there too and making dinner. I am worried that I will not be sane if I don’t get any help. Please help me by telling me what I can do. Thanks.

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